National Car Maintenance Company believes in leading by example, so we embed social and environmental standards into everything we do. Our vision is to co-create an equitable and regenerative future together with our partners and communities. 

We are always striving to work to bring solutions to better serve our communities and the environment. This can be seen across all aspects of our business, including sustainable air conditioning technology that significantly reduces emissions and practices the highest ethical standards.

22 Tons
A/C Gas Recycled
Year 2022
  • On average, one vehicle recycles 400 grams of gas. 
  • 1kg of AC gas released into the atmosphere is equivalent to 9 months of vehicle pollution. 
  • We recycle the A/C gas already in the customer’s vehicle, and we can top up the missing amount. 
  • NCMC is leveraging the latest A/C technology that has recycled more than 22 tons of gas (HFC-134A) which reduces emissions and improves the environment.
NCMC CEO - Tariq Javed

Safety is a priority in everything we do. As environmental challenges grow and timelines for dealing with them are contracting, our ambition is to lead by example and aim for a better sustainable future. Therefore, sustainability will continue to be an integral part of our overall firm strategy, as well as client communications, and procurement practices going forward.

Tariq Javed
CEO - National Car Maintenance Company